Our People
Duncan Murray-Clarke - Founder & Managing Director

Duncan has done a 22 year stretch of hard labour in advertising agencies including Mc Canns and the Bozell Group. He ended up MD of a West London agency at the ripe old age of 30. He started The Ad Plain in 2002 to allow him to follow his ideals - oh and to stop making money for other people.

Chief Characteristic: Dogmatic
Greatest Virtue in Man: Predictability
Most Popular Vice: The Great British Pub
Your Ideal Name: Duncan Murray-Clarke
Favourite Colour: Whatever the wife is wearing
Favourite Artist: The Edge
Favourite Film: Snatch
Top Super Hero: Asterix
Prettiest Flower: Pansy
Greatest Moment: Leaving cushy life to set up my own company
Favourite Websites www.metoffice.gov.uk