Our People
Emma Craigie - Head Of Media

Emma was one of the founding members of Caspian Publishing. According to the Sunday Times, Caspian was then the fastest growing contract publisher in the country. However she escaped London in 2003 to help set up the Contract Publishing division at TAP and heads up the successful sales department and was recently made Commercial Director. Emma is heavily involved in clients' revenue strategies.

Chief Characteristic: Persistence
Greatest Virtue in Man: Fortitude
Most Popular Vice: Red wine & lots of it
Your Ideal Name: Jack Bauer
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Artist: Denzel Washington
Favourite Film: Man on Fire
Top Super Hero: Wonderwoman or Monkey (although he's apparently a sourcerer so it doesn't count!)
Prettiest Flower: Orange Blossom
Favourite Websites www.ebay.co.uk

Email: emma@theadplain.com