Our People
Fiona Webster - Editor

Fiona is responsible for introducing cutting edge journalism and Greggs bakery to the office. Having been a Fleet Street reporter under editors such as Kelvin MacKenzie and Piers Morgan (should that go in Vices – Ed?), she became a television producer/director and presenter at Granada. As a freelance writer and editor she worked on the launch of Grazia, edited Active Life, was a Daily Mirror and Daily Mail columnist and her features have appeared in the Sunday Times, you magazine, the Guardian and Daily Express. .

Chief Characteristic: Blonde ambition
Greatest Virtue in Man: Blind adoration
Most Popular Vice: Sauvignon Blanc & Pork Scratchings
Your Ideal Name: Addison DeWitt
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Artist: Bob Marley
Favourite Film: Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Top Super Hero: Carson Black
Prettiest Flower: Wild rose
Greatest Moment: Turning down Eddie the Eagle and having my 3 kids in that order.
Favourite Websites www.gorkana.co.uk

Email: fiona@theadplain.com