Our People
Gill Norriss - PR & Research Manager.

Studying languages and an involvement in agriculture led Gill into market research in the agribusiness sector. Having built a career in market research and consultancy (CEAS, Wye College, University of London and Produce Studies) conducting and managing projects in most European countries. Gill added marketing communications to her skills in the mid 90’s and has worked in both marcomms and market research for a variety of clients.

Chief Characteristic: Tenacity
Greatest Virtue in Man: Patience
Most Popular Vice: Travel
Your Ideal Name: Freya
Favourite Colour: Kingfisher blue
Favourite Artist: Enya
Favourite Film: Chocolat
Top Super Hero: Dan Dare
Prettiest Flower: Passion flower
Favourite Websites www.imdb.com www.nationalgeographic.com www.bbc.co.uk

Email: gill@theadplain.com